Development .Net Chile

Development .Net Chile

Development .Net Chile is dedicated to the development of Microsoft applications for different industries.

Microsoft created the .NET Framework in collaboration with other giants of the computer industry with the intention of providing developers with a coherent and efficient work platform, adapted to the needs of the Internet and completely object oriented.

In this context .NET incorporates several widely used development languages (Visual Basic .NET, C #) and a platform with thousands of classes that allow the rapid and efficient creation of all kinds of applications for all types of environments and architectures.

We have applied the .Net Chile Development with the .NET Framework since the first version and offer a full range of services to help you in creating and updating your applications. We have experience in companies in the area of Retail, Mining, Education.

Development Guide for .NET Framework – MSDN – Microsoft

Object Orientation and Standards Compliance

The .NET platform is completely object oriented and in it the difficult becomes easy. Its classes allow efficient and clean access to features that on other platforms require arduous or little visual programming. The work environment is Visual Studio .NET, which allows access to all the features of the Framework and manage visually and intuitively the main features of a solution, from architecture to source control.

The .NET platform complies with industry standards in Internet programming: CSS styles, HTML 5, XML, HTTP modules, a powerful AJAX programming system and all the features that new trends demand are Available on the platform, and your progress does not stop.

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